RAF Mildenhall
Quid 65 taxing to runway 11 hold at Mildehall Quid 65 turning onto runway 11 Talon 71 taxing for departure Talon 71 ready for departure Reach 800 taxing onto the runway at Mildenhall Reach 800 lining up on Runway 11 Reach 800 Reheat 51 turning on the piano keys Reheat 51 living up to its callsign Quid 76 preparig for departure from RAF Mildenhall Quid 22 taxing to the runway with Quid 76 rolling in the background Quid 65 returning home Quid 69 arriving back at Mildenhall from an early mission Quid 76 on finals for runway 11 Shadow 61 taxing on taxiway Delta for the runway Reheat 51 lining up Reheat 51 lifing off leaving a trail of exhaust and heat behind
Again I am back at RAF Mildenhall.  Runway 11 was in use on what was a really nice day.  The only movement of note was Reheat 51 an F15E of the 492nd Fighter Squadron departing.  The only transient aircraft for the day was a Fairchild KC-135R heading off.  Lets see if tomorrow is busier.